Small Inground Pool: Maximizing Your Mini Oasis

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Transforming a compact backyard into a luxurious retreat is more than possible with the installation of a small inground pool. It’s the perfect way to craft a mini oasis in your own space, offering relaxation and entertainment without requiring extensive acreage. In this blog post, we’ll dive into innovative and budget-friendly approaches to inground swimming pools for small backyards, ensuring every pool enthusiast can find their slice of paradise.

For homeowners and small backyard owners looking to add an inground fiberglass pool or a cozy plunge pool, these ideas are tailored to maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor space with a stylish, space-efficient swimming pool.

Budget-Friendly Inground Swimming Pool Ideas

Budget-Friendly Inground Swimming Pool Ideas

A major concern with any home improvement project is the budget. Thankfully, small inground pools offer the luxury of a swimming pool without the steep price tag frequently associated with their larger counterparts. Here, we discuss how to achieve that dream pool without plunging into financial depths.

Above Ground Pools: A Cost-Effective Alternative

While not strictly ‘inground’, above-ground pools with decking can mimic the inground feel and come with a substantially lower cost. Modern above-ground pools are stylish and durable, providing an excellent swimming arrangement for smaller budgets.

Small Pool Systems That Save

Innovations in pool systems mean even small inground pools can benefit from energy-efficient pumps, filtration systems, and heating. These advancements help in reducing running costs without compromising the pool’s function and enjoyment.

Illuminating Ideas Installing Color-Changing Lights

Illuminating Ideas: Installing Color-Changing Lights

Visual aesthetics play a significant role in your pool’s allure, particularly if your space is limited. Installing color-changing lights not only increases safety for nighttime swims but also enhances the ambiance. These lights can turn your pool into the centerpiece of your backyard.

A Swimming Pool for Any Backyard

Believe it or not, a small inground swimming pool can fit into almost any backyard space. From sleek linear designs to freeform shapes, there’s an abundance of options to suit a snug area. Plunge pools are particularly suited for small yards, offering a deep, refreshing dip without spreading across your entire outdoor space.

Add Plants to your Plunge Pools

Add Plants to your Plunge Pools

To truly blend your swimming pool with nature and create that oasis vibe, consider landscaping around your pool. The addition of greenery and flowering plants not only provides privacy but also contributes to an elegant and serene environment.

Cultivating Compact: Small Pool Designs

When space is at a premium, the design of a small inground pool becomes even more critical. Options like inground fiberglass pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are perfect for the job and require less maintenance due to their non-porous surfaces. Whatever your space limitations, there’s a pool design waiting to fit snugly in your yard.


With the right planning and creative thinking, a small backyard doesn’t have to be a barrier to enjoying an inground swimming pool. Whether you prefer the chic look and feel of an inground fiberglass pool or the quiet charm of a tiny plunge pool, the perfect solution is out there. By incorporating energy-efficient pool systems, aesthetically pleasing lighting, and complementary landscaping, your compact space can be transformed into a breathtaking mini oasis.

If you’re a homeowner or pool enthusiast with a small backyard, don’t let space keep you from taking the plunge. A small inground pool may just be the best investment to turn your outdoor area into a pocket of leisure and repose.

Intrigued by the possibilities of a small inground pool? Thinking about how to start planning your mini oasis? Why not get in touch with us or leave a comment below? If you’ve enjoyed this piece, give it a share — you might just inspire someone to make a splash in their backyard.

Backyard Landscaping For Your Plunge Pool

Backyard Landscaping For Your Plunge Pool

By adding a plunge pool or a traditional swimming pool to your backyard, investment property or AirBnB, you not only enhance the space and aesthetics but also open up a world of opportunities for creating a captivating landscape. Imagine a tranquil outdoor oasis where you can unwind and relax amidst the beauty of carefully chosen plants, vibrant flowers, and majestic trees.

Whether you prefer a minimalistic and contemporary design or a lush and tropical paradise, the options for landscaping your perfect backyard pool space are truly limitless. Let your imagination soar with our team, as you envision the details and intricacies that will transform your patio, or yard into a haven of serenity and natural beauty.

Wallaby Pools, and Plungie-Precast Pools

When it comes to creating a lifetime of memories in your outdoor space, few additions to your home can compete with a spa like pool. For those seeking a solution that seamlessly blends durability with an unparalleled spa-like experience, Wallaby Pools in partnership with Plungie offers precast concrete pools. These pools, crafted from the sturdiest engineered reinforced concrete and finished with the exceptionally resilient Polyethylene Copolymer resin ecoFINISH, promise not just a lifetime of enjoyment but also the assurance of years of reliable service.

Plungie-Precast Pools elevate your backyard’s aesthetic, offering an inviting ambiance. While their upfront cost might be higher than Liner or fiberglass, their low maintenance over time makes them a savvy, long-term choice for homeowners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Small Inground Fiberglass Pools

What is the minimum size for an inground pool that I can get?

The minimum size for an inground pool varies, but small concrete options like the Arena Plungie Pool, with a diameter of 11’5″, offer compact solutions. Consulting wallaby pool builders specializing in small pools can help tailor the pool installation to your needs, ensuring a manageable pool project with no pool liner needed.

What is the most affordable option for installing an inground pool?

The most affordable option for installing an inground pool often involves small fiberglass pools or concrete plunge pools. These compact options require less excavation and labor, reducing overall costs.

They typically don’t require a pool liner, further saving on expenses. Consulting with professionals experienced in small pool installation can help streamline the pool project, ensuring cost-effective solutions for your needs.

What is the term for a compact in-ground pool?

The most cost-effective choice for installing an in-ground pool is often a small fiberglass or concrete plunge pool. Plungie Pool leads the industry in concrete plunge pools, offering compact options that don’t require a pool liner, minimizing installation costs of pool installation. Consulting with experts who are experienced in small pool installation and swim spas ensures a streamlined pool project tailored to your budget and needs.