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Wallaby Pools Team

The Wallaby Pools team consists of individual experts specializing in concrete plunge pool, each specializing in various aspects of the plunge pool installation process. From plunge pool designing to pool concreting, crane operation, electrical work, plumbing, and landscaping, their collective expertise ensures a comprehensive and seamless project execution.

With their knowledge and experience, they can transform any ordinary backyard into a mesmerizing oasis, where beauty and functionality converge. The team’s attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship results in a carefully crafted retreat, offering homeowners the ultimate relaxation and enjoyment experience.

Whether it’s the precise concrete work, the efficient plumbing system, or the carefully curated landscaping, Wallaby Pools’ team creates a harmonious outdoor space where families and friends can make lasting memories.

Wallaby Pools Team
Wallaby Pools Designer

Soft Landscaping

Our pool designers are the creative minds behind each beautiful concrete plunge pool. They are adept in understanding the unique landscape and requirements of each backyard, integrating the pool design to enhance and inherent its features.

Plunge Pool Excavation Team

Excavation team responsibility in plunge pool installation involves digging and shaping the pool’s foundation, such as Site Preparation, Soil Removal, Slope and Drainage, Leveling and Compacting and backfilling.

Achieving precision and adhering to safety measures are paramount when undertaking this vital step. The dimensions, contours, and levelness of the excavation are crucial in establishing a stable foundation for the pool structure.

Wallaby Pools Excavation Team
Wallaby Pools Concrete Team

Plunge Pool Concrete Team

Our concrete plunge pool experts lay the foundation for each plunge pool. With precision and attention to detail, they prepare the site, ensuring that the groundwork is sturdy and well-structured.

This process ensures that the plunge pool installation is seamless, and the resulting structure is robust and long-lasting. The concrete pool team collaborate closely with the design team, adhering to the proposed design, and make necessary adjustments according to the specific landscape conditions.

Their expertise ensures the pool’s functionality and durability while ensuring it is set perfectly in your backyard.

Crane Operators

Our team of experienced crane operators play a key role in the installation of the concrete plunge pools. Prior to the installation, they make an initial visit to the site to assess the landscape and identify any potential obstacles.

They carefully evaluate the positioning of the plunge pool and devise a strategic plan for the safe and efficient operation of the crane. Their skill and expertise ensure that each plunge pool is placed accurately and securely, contributing to the overall success of the project.

Wallaby Pools Crane Operators
Wallaby Pools Electrician Team

Electrical Team

Our licensed electrical team brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of pool wiring. They carefully follow each design and electrical plan, ensuring everything from lighting to filtration systems is correctly set up and the plunge pool is safely grounded.

With a deep understanding of the complexities involved in pool electrical installation, they adhere strictly to all safety regulations. Their proficiency ensures that our concrete plunge pools are not only stunning and functional, but also abide by the highest safety standards.

Plumber team

A plumber team duty in plunge pool installation is vital for ensuring proper water circulation and filtration systems. They are responsible for connecting and installing the pool’s plumbing components, such as the pool pump, filter, and drainage.

Plumbers also ensure that the pool’s water supply and drainage systems comply with local regulations, They can also handle any necessary plumbing connections for water features such as waterfalls or fountains. Their expertise is invaluable to ensure all components are installed correctly and functioning optimally.

Wallaby Pools Plumber Team
Wallaby Pools Landscaping Team

Landscaping Team

Our landscaping experts bring out the beauty of your plunge pool, adding a touch of natural elegance and finesse to the design. They specialize in creating lush, verdant landscapes that integrate seamlessly with your plunge pool. Whether you opt for a tropical oasis feel or a more contemporary look, they will create a paradise that caters to your individual tastes.

Their skill and expertise ensure that your plunge pool is nestled in the most beautiful and inviting landscape, creating an oasis retreat for you to enjoy day after day.
When it comes to plunge pool installation, no one does it better than Wallaby pools

Why Plungie Pool?



Installing a Plungie is over 74% faster than a traditional pool, so you can maintain control of project timelines.


Our scalable solution allows you to install multiple pools in one day with a single crane — perfect for multi-residential developments.



Our award-winning, patented monolithic design provides maximum strength at the lightest possible weight.

Reduced C02

Carbon Footprint

Each Plungie’s carbon footprint is 41% lower* than a traditional concrete pool.

*As per verified life cycle assessment prepared by Pangolin Associates, September 2023 for a Plungie Max subject to location of installation.



Every Plungie is backed by a 10-year structural and internal ecoFinish warranty.