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Wallaby Pools Back Story and Company’s Process

As a fully-licensed General Contractor at the helm, Winston Farzan is committed to ensuring that Wallaby Pools delivers exceptional outcomes in plunge pools throughout Nashville. Winston, along with his wife Allison and their young son Charlie, settled in Old Hickory, TN after moving from California and Australia in 2018. With 17 years of experience in the Australian construction industry, Winston expanded Wallaby Pools to serve the Nashville community, while also diversifying into industrial and commercial construction.

Winston treats each project as if it were his client’s most crucial investment. He takes a personal approach, guaranteeing that every task is executed meticulously using top-quality materials and best practices. This ensures durable and outstanding results. Winston eagerly anticipates partnering with you to bring your pool vision to life.

About Wallaby Pools

Wallaby Pools specializes in the Concrete plunge pools and Pool landscaping in Nashville TN.

Transform your backyard into a relaxing retreat with a Wallaby Pool, regardless of its size. Whether you have a sprawling garden or a cosy little yard, we’ve got you covered.

With Wallaby Pools you will have the advantage of dealing with a fully-licensed construction builder who understands the structural aspects of your home to install your concrete plunge pool in Nashville TN.

All Wallaby pools’ work is licensed, insured and warrantied. Wallaby Pools always pursues the latest knowledge, delivers top-notch results, and uses environmentally friendly products where available. Our craftsmen partner with the best manufacturers in the industry and deliver the best to our customers.

Imagine stepping out into your backyard and being greeted by the soothing sound of flowing water. Whether you have a small patch of greenery or a sprawling lawn, a Wallaby Pool can transform your outdoor space into a tranquil oasis. As you recline in your lounge chair under the warm sun, you’ll feel the stress of everyday life melt away as you listen to the gentle trickle of the pool’s fountain.

With crystal-clear waters and a sleek, modern design, a Wallaby Pool not only adds beauty to your backyard, but also provides a calm environment for you to unwind and escape from the chaos of the world. Transform your property into a luxurious retreat with a Wallaby Pool today.

Winston Farbod Farzan,

Partner of F.W.F Construction, LLC DBA

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Why Plungie Pool?



Installing a Plungie is over 74% faster than a traditional pool, so you can maintain control of project timelines.


Our scalable solution allows you to install multiple pools in one day with a single crane — perfect for multi-residential developments.



Our award-winning, patented monolithic design provides maximum strength at the lightest possible weight.

Reduced C02

Carbon Footprint

Each Plungie’s carbon footprint is 41% lower* than a traditional concrete pool.

*As per verified life cycle assessment prepared by Pangolin Associates, September 2023 for a Plungie Max subject to location of installation.



Every Plungie is backed by a 10-year structural and internal ecoFinish warranty.

Wallaby Pools Frequently Asked Question

What services can Wallaby Pools provide?

Wallaby Pools provides expert concrete plunge pool installation services including pool design, excavation, concreting, crane operation, electrical work, plumbing and landscaping.

How will Wallaby Pools help create a harmonious outdoor space?

Our team of experts will pay attention to every detail to ensure that the plunge pool and surrounding landscape are carefully crafted, creating a harmonious outdoor space for you and your family.

How does Wallaby Pools manage the plunge pool installation?

Wallaby Pools manages the plunge pool installation process in a comprehensive and seamless way. From site preparation to concrete work, from plumbing to landscaping, our team is dedicated to providing quality craftsmanship and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

How does Wallaby Pool ensure safety during the installation process?

Safety is very important for us here at Wallaby Pools. Our team of experts adheres strictly to all safety regulations, and our crane operators make an initial visit to the site to assess the landscape and identify any potential obstacles.

What is included in the pool design process?

The pool design process includes understanding of the unique landscape and requirements of each backyard, integrating the pool design to enhance and inherent its features. Our concrete plunge pool experts lay the foundation for each plunge pool, ensuring that the groundwork is sturdy and well-structured.

How does Wallaby Pool ensure the plunge pool is placed correctly?

Our experienced crane operators carefully evaluate the positioning of the plunge pool and devise a strategic plan for the safe and efficient operation of the crane. Their skill and expertise ensure that each plunge pool is placed accurately and securely, contributing to the overall success of the project.

How does Wallaby Pool enhance the beauty of the plunge pool?

Our landscaping experts create lush landscapes that integrate seamlessly with the plunge pool, adding a touch of natural elegance and finesse to the design. They specialize in creating tropical oasis or contemporary looks, creating a paradise that caters to your individual tastes. Their expertise is invaluable to ensure the plunge pool is nestled in the most beautiful and inviting landscape.