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Discover the endless benefits of concrete plunge pools, designed to suit your unique desires and lifestyle. Experience the ultimate leisure, rest and relaxation with the luxury of your own private pool at your fingertips.

Affordability of plunge pools allows homeowners or investors to increase their personal equity while creating a safe and enjoyable leisure space. Financial and leisure benefits work hand-in-hand, making it a wise and an attractive investment while transforming the backyard into a private oasis for endless joy and rejuvenation.

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Award Winning Concrete Pools

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Quickest and Easiest Pool Installation

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Enjoy Your Pool In Days, Not Months

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Explore Plungie Pools Styles

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Who Is It For?

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Home Investors Looking to Increase Equity:

Installing a concrete plunge pool can add value to a property, attracting potential buyers or increasing equity.
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Individuals Seeking Leisure:

Plunge pools cater to individuals seeking a relaxed swim on their own schedule.
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People Seeking Financial and Leisure Benefits:

Plunge pools offer both financial investment potential and recreational advantages.
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Homeowners Wanting Relaxation:

Those who desire a private space for relaxation and unwinding can benefit from a plunge pool.
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Individuals Aspire to Impress:

Homeowners who aspire to create an unforgettable experience for their families and guests, the provision of a plunge pool can be a remarkable addition.
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Budget Conscious Consumers:

Plunge pools are more affordable than larger swimming pools, making them suitable for the wider community.
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Those Wanting Staycation Luxury:

Experience a luxurious vacation in the comfort of your own backyard with a concrete plunge pool.

Plunge Pools Process

For years, the process of building a pool has been complex. At Wallaby Pools, we’ve simplified this process into just 8 simple steps, allowing homeowners greater control over their pool projects. This ensures that they can indulge in a luxurious swimming pool within a matter of weeks, rather than many months.

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Stage 1

Choose Your Plungie

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Stage 2

Standard Building Approval

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Stage 3

Basic Site Preparation

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Stage 4

Crane Hire

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Stage 5

Electrical + Back Fill

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Stage 6

Standard Plumb Up

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Stage 7


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Stage 8

Fill + Start Up

Plunge Pools Specification

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Wallaby Pools Blogs

Plunge Pool Cost for Homeowner’s Guide

Plunge Pool Cost for Homeowner’s Guide

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Plunge Pools Frequently Asked Questions

What is Plungie pool?

Plungie pools, originating from Australia, is a pre-cast, ready-to-install concrete plunge pool. Known for their compact design and quick installation, these pools offer a convenient solution for those seeking the luxury of a swimming pool but are restricted by budget, space or time.

They provide an ideal setting for leisurely relaxation, exercise or a quick, refreshing dip, without the need for extensive construction and disruptive work.

How is a concrete plunge pool different from a traditional swimming pool?

A concrete plunge pool differs from a regular pool in several ways. It is designed for compact outdoor spaces, it’s ideal for small backyard pools. With its smaller size and flat bottom, a concrete plunge pool requires less water, less chemicals, and less maintenance.

Can a concrete plunge pool be customized in shape and size?

Plungie pools cannot be customized in size, as they come premade. However, their compact design and price makes them perfect for small pools or small spaces. With a consistent depth, they offer a better option for those seeking a smaller pool that fits their limited outdoor space.

How long does it take to install a concrete plunge pool?

The installation time for a concrete plunge pool can vary depending on factors such as the backyard’s condition, design complexity, and weather conditions. Generally, it takes a few weeks to complete, making it a perfect solution for those seeking smaller pools in limited outdoor spaces.

Are concrete plunge pools suitable for small backyards?

Plunge pool is ideal for smaller backyards because of their compact size and design. Being a smaller pool, they occupy less space while still providing the leisure.

Plungie pools dimensions and depth make them a perfect solution for limited outdoor spaces where a full size pool a traditional pool might not fit. Home investors or owners can now enjoy the luxury of a backyard pool without worrying about space, making plunge pool a great choice for smaller outdoor space.

Can Bali Plunge Pool be used as a hot tub?

The Bali Plunge Pool, primarily designed as a small pool, offers a unique solution for those seeking a versatile backyard space. While not a conventional hot tub, it does feature a heater that can be employed to warm or cool the water, adding comfort to your prefab pool experience. With its smart control system, the Plungie Pool combines the benefits of a hot tub with less maintenance, making it an excellent choice for those looking to optimize their outdoor leisure space.

Do concrete plunge pools require special permits or approvals?

While a plunge pool is a smaller pool option, it is still subject to a variety of regulations for safety and environmental reasons.
Approval is mandatory from several bodies including local county approval for installation, electrical approval for lighting and heating systems, plumbing approval for water circulation, storm water approval to manage runoff, and fence child protection approval for safety.

This ensures that your new plunge pool meets all required standards and is safe and sustainable.

Is plunge pool suitable for in ground or above ground pool?

A Plunge pool is suitable for both in ground and above ground pool. In ground plunge pool offer a more traditional experience.

Both options can incorporate a deck or water feature. On the other hand, an above ground plunge pool provides easier to install.
On the other hand, an above ground plunge pool offers an easier installation process. Simply choose a suitable location in your yard, prepare the ground, and the pool can be installed without the need for extensive excavation work. This makes them a convenient choice.

What are the maintenance requirements for a plunge pool?

Plunge pool generally require less maintenance compared to a large pool. Their smaller size means there’s less water to heat, treat, and less chemicals to use.

Cleaning and regular maintenance take less time, making it easier for owners to maintain the pool in summer or winter. With reduced maintenance demands, this backyard pool provides a convenient and enjoyable experience, perfect for those seeking a hassle-free and relaxing outdoor area.

What are the available design options for a plunge pool?

Arena is 11’5″ rounded small size pool.

Studio 12′ x 7′ not a lap pool but perfect for tight spaces.

Original 15′ x 8′ perfect for any space and kids swimming laps.

Max 20′ x 10′ full sized pool perfect for families.

How much does a concrete plunge pool typically cost?

The cost of a concrete plunge pool can vary depending on factors such as size, design complexity, location, and additional features. On average, a basic plunge pool can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $45,000.

The cost of installation can vary greatly based on several factors such as land conditions and accessibility.

Is there landscaping required after installing a plunge pool?

Just like all other pools, landscaping features truly bring a plunge pool to life, adding the final touches to your small backyard oasis.

Whether you decide for a minimalist design or a lush tropical look, landscaping can transform your plunge pool area into a relaxing retreat with mini outdoor kitchen, sunken lounge, water features, elegant paving, decorative stones, or vibrant plants used to enhance the appeal of any plunge pool.

Creating a relaxing environment that accommodate a perfect place to cool down in summer, or use the heated option for winter.

Why Plungie Pool?



Installing a Plungie is over 74% faster than a traditional pool, so you can maintain control of project timelines.


Our scalable solution allows you to install multiple pools in one day with a single crane — perfect for multi-residential developments.



Our award-winning, patented monolithic design provides maximum strength at the lightest possible weight.

Reduced C02

Carbon Footprint

Each Plungie’s carbon footprint is 41% lower* than a traditional concrete pool.

*As per verified life cycle assessment prepared by Pangolin Associates, September 2023 for a Plungie Max subject to location of installation.



Every Plungie is backed by a 10-year structural and internal ecoFinish warranty.