The Journey

Building a pool has long been a daunting task. At Wallaby Pools, we’ve simplified it into just 8 effortless stages. Our streamlined process not only grants homeowners greater project control, but also ensures a premium concrete swimming pool can be enjoyed in a matter of days, instead of months.

Who Can Install A Plunge Pool?

Permits are required to have a pool installed in TN counties, which is why an appropriately qualified trades personnel must install every plunge pool. Wallaby Pools holds both residential and commercial contractor licenses which are required to pull building permits in TN.

“Get Wet, Get Set: 8 Steps to a Plunge Pool”

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Choose Your Plungie

Obtaining a quote for your plunge pool is the simple part. We can provide you with pricing options for both the supply and delivery of your plunge pool, as well as the necessary plumbing services for your chosen equipment. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have provided clear specifications for our Bali, Paris, Mykonos, and Sydney pool models. Take your time to peruse the specifications and determine which model aligns best with your project requirements.
The best option is to book an appointment to discover what is possible and have your questions answered.

Take the time to consider the following factors, as they may impact your quote:

  • Extras: Do you need an equipment package or heating?
  • Placement: Where do you want the plunge pool? Is there easy site access?
  • Installation depth: Do you want the pool in ground, above ground or semi-recessed?
  • Finishing: Will you need waterline tile provisions?

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Standard Building Approval

To initiate the installation process, proper permits are necessary for gas, plumbing, electrical and water mitigation. To simplify matters, we will organize the approval for you as we have all the pre-engineered specifications for pool construction and footings.

Many properties in Nashville will also require further stormwater mitigation plans required by the county for additions of impermeable surfaces, such as pools, pavers and decks.

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Basic Site Preparation

For optimal installation, each plunge pool must be placed on a pre-engineered concrete slab footing that is tailored to the gradel of the site. Our pool models come with standardized requirements for base preparation, including specifications for the slab and an excavation plan.

Once the site preparation is completed in accordance with these requirements. Then our team will ensure a smooth and successful installation process.

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Crane Hire

For the delivery process, a crane is necessary to lift the pool from our truck and place it onto the concrete base slab footing. Every plunge pool comes with pre-engineered pick-up points that make crane lifting a breeze. Pretty convenient, right?

The ease of property access greatly affects crane hire during installation. Not all properties, unfortunately, will have such accessibility. This is determined during our initial consultation and site visit prior to progressing further with the pool planning.

If you are considering a pool installation during new home construction, we highly recommend installing the pool prior to the construction of the home.

Our contacts of reputable crane hire companies typically offer site visits and can provide us with a tailored quote based on Bali, Paris, Mykonos, and Sydney pool lifting diagrams.

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Initial Inspections + Drainage

"The first visit from county inspectors is a mandatory step that occurs right after the pool installation is completed. This initial inspection is crucial for ensuring that the pool meets local building codes and safety regulations.

Once the pool is installed, but before we proceed with the implementation of the stormwater drainage plan, the inspectors will conduct a thorough evaluation. This assessment must be successfully passed to move on to the next stage, which involves setting up an efficient stormwater drainage system to manage runoff and prevent water accumulation."

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Standard Plumb Up

Each plunge pool arrives with essential plumbing fixtures already in place, making your installation process smoother. This includes a pre-installed skimmer box, hydrostatic valve, and built-in setups for general filtration, safety suction, and extra plumbing lines.

We will ensure the required electrical connections to accommodate your chosen equipment package are installed in advance.

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Discover the perfect blend of precision and personalization with your plunge pool. Our prefabricated design ensures efficiency, while our customization options let your unique vision shine through. It's never been easier to match your pool to your project's overall look and feel.

  • Sleek Coping Tiles
  • Distinctive Waterline Tiles
  • Sturdy Fencing
  • Top-Grade Decking
  • Stylish Paving
  • Designed Landscaping

Wallaby Pools partners closely with you to make your backyard dream a reality. By collaborating with our designers and team, we ensure that your vision of a perfect backyard oasis comes to life.

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Final Inspections & jumping in!

As soon as we're done, you'll be all set to take that exhilarating first dive! Just a heads-up—before the final, official thumbs-up on your dream pool, we'll need to pass up to eight county inspections. While this process could add some time to the clock, it's all in the name of making your pool absolutely perfect.

So get excited; your home oasis is almost ready for endless splashes and relaxation!